Jahnavi Rati

Associate, Marketing Measurement & Analytics

Per Scholas Staff Headshot

Hello everyone! I’m Jahnavi, an Associate of Marketing Measurement and Analytics at Per Scholas. I partner with Marketing and Communications team to ensure that our national-scale marketing data accurately measures KPIs. This informs impact on our strategies for enhancing brand awareness and generating leads through various website and ad/media initiatives. I am based out of San Francisco Bay Area, California, and coming from a mostly data and analytical background. I served as an Email Marketing Analyst at Columbia University, focused on evaluating the performance of email campaigns across various master programs. Prior to that, I worked as a Customer Service Representative and Digital Marketer at Cal Poly Pomona, providing academic support, assisting academic advisors, and developing multimedia content creatives and strategies. Throughout my career, I’ve developed a passion for leveraging data to drive decision-making processes, so as my time at Per Scholas, I’m excited to contribute to its mission and work together to make a meaningful impact! Feel free to connect with me, always looking to learn and share experiences within the organization.


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