Patrick Powers

Instructional Assistant, Charlotte

Per Scholas Team Headshot

Pronouns: He/him

I was born and raised in Miami Beach where I learned to speak 3 languages fluently. Due to so many hurricanes, I decided to leave Miami Beach and settle down in the northern Charlotte area where the weather is so much nicer than being hot all year round. I got my start teaching while I was in high school. I was an ESOL teacher for a middle school teacher at night.

Since I was also computer savvy which was very rare in the mid 90’s, I became an adult computer teacher when the internet started becoming more popular. Since then, I’ve worked in the mortgage field for a few years and for the last several years, I’ve been working in the IT field (help desk/support desk) type of role where I would have to assist people locally or remotely. My last job had me as the main onboarding technician where the new hires first turned on their computers on their first day on Monday morning, I would assist them (several large classes) making sure the accounts we set up for them were working and that their equipment was working too.


Per Scholas is Closed for the Week

To recognize the hard work and commitment of our full Per Scholas team, we are providing an org-wide week off from July 4-8. This break is designed for all staff and learners to relax and recharge. If you have an urgent inquiry, please email [email protected]. While staff will be limited during this week, we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.