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The Apply course page is robust with helpful information tailored to answer the most common questions. Please review it in full including the FAQ section. Everything is there including when the next class starts, how to apply, the requirements to enroll, the application process, what you will learn, the jobs you can get after graduation, and more.

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At present, Per Scholas only operates in the United States and at this time does not have plans to open in other countries. We currently operate in multiple cities and will continue to expand into new cities in the coming years. Follow us on social media or sign up for a newsletter to stay alert for those updates.

You may also check out the IT-Ready Network which intends to open similar IT job training operations in several cities across the country. Per Scholas is the co-founding partner to IT-Ready and we look forward to helping the network expand to bring IT job training to as many cities as possible.

If you are an employer with this same question, our graduates will re-locate for a great job opportunity. Visit the Hire page to submit your inquiry.

We used to sell computers but no longer offer that service as of 2012.

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