ActivateWork Powered by Per Scholas Featured in Colorado’s CPR News

Earlier this month, ActivateWork Powered by Per Scholas was featured in Colorado’s CPR News. The article discussed the increasing number of people opting to enter the tech world via bootcamps and courses, rather than the traditional four-year degree.

Currently, Colorado has one of the highest tech gaps in the nation, with the amount of available tech job postings greatly surpassing the number of people applying for them. It is not that people aren’t interested in pursuing tech — this gap is due to the prohibitively expensive cost of higher education and many existing tech training programs.

“The demand for talent is off the chart, yet the supply is constricting as higher education gets more expensive,” said ActivateWork’s chief operating officer Kathryn Harris. “There are huge untapped pools of workers stuck in jobs that don’t have career paths…They’ve always had an aptitude or an interest or passion in technology, but they haven’t had the resources or the time to skill themselves up,” she said.

This is where programs like ActivateWork Powered by Per Scholas come in, offering diverse individuals the opportunity to earn certifications and start high-growth careers in tech for no personal cost to them.

The article also featured interviews with several learners, including our very own Isaac Horton and Randy Cordova, both of whom graduated from our Per Scholas Denver campus!

Read the full news article here.


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