Amplifying Hispanic Perspectives in Technology Through Strategic Partnerships

We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month annually from September 15 – October 15, but diversifying the tech landscape to include more Hispanic and Latinx perspectives and presence is something Per Scholas keeps in mind throughout the year. With partners, including TEKsystems, we have connected nearly 1,500 Hispanic learners with technology careers in a field in which they are typically not represented. 

At Per Scholas, Hispanic technologists comprise 17% of our learners, while they make up just 15% of the technology workforce. This is a statistic we are constantly working to increase as part of our mission to create economic equity and representative diversity in the tech workforce. Achieving such a vision requires strong collaboration with partners who are similarly committed to our goal. 

TEKsystems has been our partner for nearly a decade and is committed to nurturing an inclusive workplace culture and welcoming diversity in technology from the inside out. TEKsystems recognizes the contributions of Hispanics in the workforce and celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month through powerful stories from their team. Leaders from TEKsystems’ Employee Network, AdelanTEK, reflected on how fostering an inclusive culture in the workplace inspires authenticity and results in individual success, both personally and professionally. Additionally, TEKsystems Recruiter Lead Magdaleny Soberanis-Depaz shared how her upbringing as a Latina has shaped her career and the impact diversity has in the workplace “Growing up in a multicultural community and learning from people of all walks of life has given me a perspective that is an advantage over most,” Magdeleny reflected. “Diversity is truly a strength. Because I am a person of color and in a leadership position, I’m able to bring different perspectives, opinions, and ideas around problem-solving and solutions, ultimately creating a bigger impact on my team and peers within the office, as well as outside of the office.” 

Per Scholas and TEKsystems share the same mission and belief that diversifying the tech workforce will bring innovation and powerful insight to the industry. These perspectives are shared by Per Scholas President and CEO Plinio Ayala, who is passionate about working with companies whose mission aligns with Per Scholas. Plinio grew up in a close-knit neighborhood in the South Bronx that contained many diverse Hispanic communities, including Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dominicans, Hondurans, and more. Thus, Per Scholas’s mission is important to him and his Hispanic heritage on a personal level. Plinio’s story resonates internally at Per Scholas and translates to the learners we interact with as we train them for various technology roles.  

“Being Hispanic and leading an organization rooted in diversity and inclusion, I’m inspired by my colleagues who feel like they can be their authentic selves and bring their culture and identity into their work,” Plinio reflects. “Having different backgrounds and using our unique experiences to create new and innovative ideas in tech gives me hope for the future of technology. We have come so far at Per Scholas to bring more Hispanics into technology, but there is still room for growth. I hope to hear of more C-suite leaders of Hispanic background in tech in the next year, which is possible with training and partnering with companies, including TEKsystems, who share the same mission.” 

We’re proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and elevate Latinx voices and experiences throughout the year, especially with partners, including TEKsystems, that create an inclusive workplace culture and welcome diversity in technology from the inside out.


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