Case Study: A Future-Proof Hiring Strategy to Build A Sustainable Techforce

A recent Forbes BrandVoice article written on behalf of Stand Together by Per Scholas Chief Revenue Officer Caitlyn Brazill explores the best way to future-proof hiring strategies. With the tech industry facing a widening skill gap, companies like AST, an enterprise systems integrator, struggle to find qualified candidates. This article proposes a solution: looking for untapped talent, which involves training individuals from diverse backgrounds who have been overlooked in the traditional hiring process. 

AST faced a shrinking pool of qualified Salesforce administrators and needed to expand its entry-level talent quickly. By partnering with Per Scholas, we developed a customized training program tailored to their specific needs. This initiative not only filled open positions but also exceeded gender diversity goals (80% female) and increased workforce diversity (80% people of color). AST also experienced increased customer satisfaction due to the team’s diverse skill set. By following AST’s lead, companies can build a more diverse and skilled workforce, while also contributing to a more inclusive and thriving tech industry.

Read the rest of the article here to learn more about how Per Scholas can help your business hiring needs.

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