Innovative Hiring Practices Will Prevail as Tech Roles Soar in 2024

Innovative Hiring Practices Will Prevail as Tech Roles Soar in 2024

With a quick start to the new year and looking back on 2023, we saw much movement in the tech industry. In a year that was predicted to see a slow in hiring and start of a recession, one industry prevailed: technology. While there were many tech layoffs, there were many more open tech jobs, so much so that the latest CompTIA report highlights the resilience of tech jobs in the labor market. 

By 2033, tech skills will be vital in all job sectors, and 75% of American workers are actively upskilling to meet this demand. While so many tech roles remain unfilled, it’s time for employers to turn to innovative hiring practices and recognize the benefits of creating a diverse, sustainable tech talent pipeline. When recruiting diverse talent, it’s crucial to create a work environment that is equitable and inclusive for everyone. This not only sets your business up for better performance outcomes but also drives increased results. By leveraging Per Scholas’ industry outlook and TEKsystems’ latest DEI in IT data, employers have the opportunity to innovate for the future with alternative hiring practices.

What does the tech industry look like now?

In the face of a potential recession and job loss, the tech industry remains a steadfast source of opportunity. However, the industry is not immune to the winds of change, which bring about new challenges and demands. Leaders must prioritize top projects and deliver results to stay ahead and thrive. In this landscape of digital transformation and tech strategies, diversity is a key element that elevates businesses to new levels of productivity and performance. With more than 350,000 technology job openings available, it is crucial to fill them with skilled and diverse individuals. This quest will bring balance to the workforce and promote economic equity for all.

The urgency to upskill and hire individuals with tech skills is fueled by rapid advancements in AI, compelling companies to adopt new technologies and emphasizing the critical need for upskilling to keep pace. According to this CIO Dive article, in-demand tech jobs such as Cloud/DevOps, digital transformation, security/privacy, AI, automation, and data analytics are on the rise. 

Where is the tech industry heading this year?

Artificial Intelligence integrations will remain a priority across industries, but they shouldn’t come at the cost of effective DEIB programs. Managing the cultural shift and transition to embrace AI is important as we consider the crucial need for diverse voices and representation in evolving technologies. The DEIB “trend” continues to move in the wrong direction as Indeed notes a 44% drop in related job postings.  

Investing in tech talent pipelines that are diverse and purposeful with DEI work and building those with upskilling opportunities and IT certifications, companies have an opportunity to lead in tech with increased innovation and productivity. Diversity is good for business, individuals, and the economy and this year offers another chance to put words into action by hiring skilled, productive, and diverse technologists for the thousands of open tech roles.

Companies that don’t innovate their hiring strategies will fall behind.

With an ever-evolving technology landscape, innovative hiring practices are imperative. Companies need to have sustainable talent pipelines available and ready, meaning upskilling and having a talent pool with specific tech skills has to take precedence. If all jobs will be tech jobs in ten years, leaders need a plan now. 

Together, TEKsystems and Per Scholas have opened up pathways for nontraditional IT talent, deepening diversity and equity in tech. We’ve combined our resources to equip learners with industry skills and connect them with employers who value their training. 

I look to industry experts, such as TEKsystems Executive Director of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Franklin Reed, for insight into what it takes to intentionally recruit and retain an IT workforce with DEIB best practices in mind. “We’re seeing positive results across the board in DEI-focused recruiting strategies in IT.” Reed reflects. “But it takes daily effort and a sustainable approach. At the end of the day, it’s about people. Do your employees feel a sense of belonging? Have you audited your hiring processes to eliminate biases? Are your teams aware of the benefits of diversity and inclusivity at work? DEI in IT has a long way to go, but we are making progress.”  

This year, I anticipate that tech roles, including those focused on AI skills, will become more prevalent than ever as more industries and sectors require tech skills in various roles. Innovative hiring practices will become essential to companies that need to build sustainable talent pipelines and prepare for the increased demand for talent, and Per Scholas is training learners across the nation to be part of that solution.

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