Per Scholas CodeBridge Students Visit Google HQ for a Day of Mock Interviews and Career Tips

On January 21, 16 CodeBridge students visited the Google HQ in NYC for an invaluable career building event. Students were introduced to a Googler who was benefiting from Google’s IT Residency program. The students received valuable feedback and information regarding necessary programming languages and what  IT Support looks like at Google.

In addition, students participated in a series of resume building workshops and mock interview events. Key takeaways included adding honest, unique metrics to their resumes to help them stand out. For example, database creation is a great skill to include on a resume, however candidates must also include the unique impact of that database on work productivity or organization for the company they are working for. During a session regarding interview Do’s and Don’ts, the biggest takeaway for the students was to make sure they leave an impression. It’s hard to stand out, but being able to detail your career progression in a way that makes an interviewer remember you is critical.

The tour of the location gave students something to look forward to, however it was the insight and honesty that truly resonated with the class. Students remarked that prior to this event, they would never have thought that working for a company like Google was even an option. The event offered an opportunity for them to visualize themselves working in a similar arena, helping them feel empowered, dedicated, and motivated to set new goals to achieve.

The students exclaimed that they felt extremely welcome during their visit. They realized that Google is not filled with programmers, but that there are many different people from different walks of life working for the company. By working alongside Googlers, the students felt that the staff are personable, relatable, and the kind of people they’d want to work with in the future.

Per Scholas is incredibly grateful to Google and our Advisory board members Amber Shapiro and Stephanie LeBlanc for setting up this incredible opportunity. The CodeBridge students came away with incredible advice that will have a measureable impact on their careers moving forward.

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