Tech Powered by Moms: Tara Fuller

Tara Fuller, a Mom from Dallas, had a good job managing a program for at risk youth in a local school district, but she found herself out of work when the program lost its funding. “When I lost my job it severely impacted my family. We were unable to afford housing. It shook us.” She and her husband took jobs working 16 hours days as overnight janitors, and moved their family into her mother’s garage. Without a degree, potential employers told her she was underqualified for jobs she knew she could do.

Tara was intimidated to start the IT Support course at Per Scholas because she had never considered a career in tech and didn’t have any experience in the field, but with the support of Per Scholas staff and her family, she resolved to succeed and earned an industry-recognized certification.Today, Tara works as an IT Technician, and everything has changed for her family. She was recently able to buy a house for her family, and she can focus on creating memorable and meaningful experiences for her kids. “We drove them to the Civil Liberties Museum up in Memphis for our first family vacation in a long long time. It was so powerful.”

Across Dallas, moms like Tara are looking for their next opportunity to make a difference for their children. Thanks to your contribution, Per Scholas will be ready for them.

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