Tech Powered by Sons: Nestor Mendoza

Nestor’s dream was to go to college and become a scientist. He loves chemistry and physics, and is great with numbers, but the economic situation in his home country of Venezuela made it hard for him to pursue an education. After moving to the United States, he was working several jobs at once, as a science and math tutor, a server in a restaurant, and teaching a course at an environmental center. He needed more reliable income so he could send money home to his mother in Venezuela, who raised him along with two cousins who were like siblings.

“I was so tired and I was looking for another job,” Says Nestor. “It was an endless search…” He had hoped to take a full time coding course, but it was too expensive to afford. He was thrilled when he found CodeBridge at Per Scholas, a tuition-free web development course taught in partnership with General Assembly. The course was tough but his teachers and classmates were supportive. “You become like a big family,” he says.

Only a day after his final presentation in CodeBridge, Nestor got a job offer. Today he works as a Software Engineer and has become a real provider for his family in Venezuela. “I remember before I moved here, sometimes we had one meal a day. Now my mom sends a picture of the refrigerator full of food. Technically, I am the head of the family now.”

Across the Atlanta, sons like Nestor are looking for their next opportunity to provide for their families. Thanks to your contribution, Per Scholas will be ready for them.

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