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Working in Information Technology (IT) is all about innovation, opportunity, and challenge. Many people wonder what it is truly like to work in the field, and common myths and misconceptions can make it seem intimidating. 

People often picture IT professionals as workers buried under lines of code or constantly tinkering with hardware. In reality, there are many types of IT jobs, and not all of them involve chips, motherboards, or constant coding.

In this article, we aim to demystify the world of IT and provide a comprehensive glimpse into what it’s truly like to work in this dynamic field. To do this, we’ll draw upon the experiences of Per Scholas graduates who have successfully ventured into the tech industry.

Daily IT Tasks and Responsibilities  

Working in IT is far from being monotonous, and that’s one of its many charms. IT professionals often find themselves doing a wide range of tasks — from coding, troubleshooting, and attending team meetings to managing complex projects. 

While coding is a fundamental aspect of IT, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Troubleshooting and problem-solving are equally critical skills, as IT teams frequently collaborate to resolve complex issues.

IT Workplace Environments

One of the remarkable features of the IT industry is its adaptability to different workplace environments. While in-person workplace settings are still popular, the rise of remote work has been especially prominent in the tech sector, allowing professionals to work from anywhere in the world. 

This transition to remote work has been supported by cutting-edge communication tools and platforms that facilitate collaboration. The collaborative nature of tech teams is a fundamental aspect of working in IT, regardless of whether professionals work on-site or remotely, and the option to seek out remote or in-person roles as desired is an attractive feature to many.

Continuous Learning and Upskilling

The ever-evolving landscape of technology demands continuous learning and skill enhancement and is an excellent option for those who love learning new things. 

To remain competitive in this rapidly changing environment, IT professionals regularly attend conferences and workshops, enroll in online courses, and engage in self-study. 

These educational opportunities keep them up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the field. To see how IT pros stay updated through courses, explore Per Scholas’ diverse course offerings and witness firsthand accounts of their commitment to continuous learning.

Challenges and Rewards

Working in IT is not easy, but the challenges it presents are part of what makes it so rewarding. IT professionals often find a thrill in problem-solving, from debugging a piece of software to designing a never-before-used solution. 

They regularly face and overcome challenges, such as intense troubleshooting, creating novel solutions to problems, and updating their skill sets to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancements. Overcoming these hurdles provides a sense of fulfillment that makes the journey worthwhile.

Work-Life Balance in IT

In recent years, careers in IT have become increasingly flexible in terms of work arrangements. IT professionals have options for flexible working hours and often work remotely. Many tech companies have recognized the importance of supporting a healthy work-life balance for their employees, and this is reflected in the requirements of their roles. 

As such, working in tech can be a great option for those with families or otherwise busy schedules or for those simply seeking a greater work-life balance.

Community and Networking

Building a strong sense of community lies at the core of Per Scholas’ mission. We understand the importance of forming connections and nurturing relationships within the IT community, as well as the ways in which these connections benefit both personal and professional growth. 

Per Scholas actively promotes community in tech by providing mentorship opportunities and platforms for collaboration among trainees and alumni. This supportive atmosphere stretches beyond our training programs, fostering a spirit of togetherness that helps pave the way for our alumni’s success. 

Here, you can see the influence of community-building initiatives, such as our collaboration with TD Bank leader volunteers to offer mock interviews for Per Scholas learners.

Voices from the Field: Experiences of Per Scholas Graduates

How did your training at Per Scholas shape your initial experiences in the IT world?

“Throughout the program, you are working on being ready for the moment the program finishes. From week one, we were creating our LinkedIn profiles and working on resumes…we would have guest speakers that ranged in different fields in IT. We were able to make connections with them, pick their brains a little, and learn about the different paths and options in IT. As soon as the program was done, I had my LinkedIn with several connections, an idea of what type of IT I wanted to do, and my resume ready. What I think makes up a well-rounded employee is both soft skills and technical skills, and I think Per Scholas has really developed a great way to round those out.”

-Veronica Vergara, End User Desktop Support, Chicago, IL


“I am applying everything Per Scholas taught me. Coming in, I didn’t have a blueprint or frame of reference for the industry – but I have that now.” 

– LeClair Boone, Java Developer, Charlotte NC


What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job in IT?

“I look forward to inviting others into this space, navigating the Google culture, and watching them grow within the company.”

-Tammy Johnson, Network Support @Google, Columbus, OH


“For me, it was important to have a good job and provide for myself and my family. I wanted better opportunities and a good work-life balance and to be paid fairly so I could afford things to take care of my family and myself. A career in IT seems to be more secure with better opportunities and salaries.”

-Elena Bilko, Cybersecurity, New York 

Do you have any advice for someone considering a transition into the IT sector?

“It’s huge knowing that I don’t just have a beginner skill set. I have a very focused skill set that is highly in demand. Per Scholas gave me the base of my knowledge to go out and be successful.” 

-Mira Winkel, Java Developer, Seattle, WA

Read more about our Per Scholas graduates here!

Conclusion: The Dynamic World of IT Careers

It’s clear that IT jobs come with their fair share of both challenges and rewards. With the right training from Per Scholas, anyone can excel in this ever-changing field. Whether you’re thinking about a career change or just curious about what working in IT is like, feel free to explore the options and see the opportunities that are out there. Welcome to the world of IT!

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