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Who We Are

Per Scholas advances economic equity through rigorous training for tech careers, and connecting diverse and skilled graduate talent to leading businesses. We offer a suite of highly effective and impartial solutions to help companies manage their excess technology by destroying data and mitigating the risk of recycling liability. Over the last 25 years we have worked with mid-to-large-sized businesses, providing them with a seamless e-waste solution for the proper and safe disposal of their retired IT assets.

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How We Work

We help companies save money and streamline their IT asset management. In partnership with Liquid Technology, we integrate our specialized knowledge and years of experience to recommend and execute a deliberate plan of action for your business. We strategically and proactively oversee each project to maximize security and maintain legal compliance. Such partnerships allow us to take the hardware with retained value and re-market them. These impact dollars are then re-allocated to our mission of providing no cost, high-level tech skills training and access to employer networks to individuals often excluded from tech careers.

Our Best-In-Class IT Asset Management Services

We’re proud to be recognized as an industry leader in secure data destruction, e-waste recycling, and computer equipment liquidation.

Data Destruction

We offer the full range of data destruction services that adhere to the Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology recommendations to make sure your company’s sensitive information is protected including:

  • Hard drive erasure
  • Hard drive, tape and storage media destruction
  • Detailed reporting of all storage media erased or destroyed

Our data destruction services can be performed onsite at your location, or at our secure facilities.

E-Waste Recycling

We reduce your risk, ensure your compliance, and protect the environment with our responsible e-waste recycling and disposal services.

We partner with Liquid Technology, a fully insured e-waste recycler with a strict no landfill, no export, and no prison labor policy, and are also e-Stewards certified, R2 certified, ISO 14001 certified. These certifications indicate that we adhere to responsible recycling standards and are audited on an annual basis to confirm that all guidelines are being met.

Computer Liquidation

Our computer liquidation services are fast, fair, and reliable. They’re specifically designed to help companies like yours reduce overhead and save money, while providing a new revenue stream.

We oversee the entire liquidation process – from the initial quote to removing the hardware – so that your IT department can focus their resources and energy on higher level tasks.

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Contact us today, and let us take care of removing your unused IT assets and recouping the value of your excess hardware, while strictly adhering to ever-evolving compliance demands.

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