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To ensure learners are prepared with the skills, abilities, and opportunities for success in courses that require existing knowledge, Per Scholas provides optional Self-Study resources. This ensures learners are best prepared on Day 1 of their course. This is not required for enrollment with Per Scholas but is highly recommended due to the fast-paced, rigorous nature of our bootcamp-style training.



Optional Data Engineer Self-Study: Python Course for Beginners With Certification: Mastering the Essentials


  • Enroll in the course by clicking “Start Learning”
  • Sign up for free using email address and mobile number
  • At minimum, complete the first 7 modules including the challenges 4, 5, 6, and 7.
  • Additionally, candidates can complete the full course and get the course completion certificate (optional)
  • Make sure to read the instructions before attempting a challenge. 

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