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To ensure learners are prepared with the skills, abilities, and opportunities for success in courses that do not require existing knowledge, Per Scholas requires learners to complete Pre-Work to be eligible for enrollment. This ensures learners with or without previous experience are best prepared on Day 1 of their course. Our instruction team has also pulled together additional Optional Pre-Work for learners to support your success best. This is not required for enrollment with Per Scholas but is highly recommended due to the fast-paced, rigorous nature of our bootcamp-style training.

Please note, this Required Pre-Work applies to the Full Stack Java Development course, which is a technical knowledge recommended but not required course. The Full Stack Java Development course is different from our Full Stack Java Developer course powered by TEKsystems, which requires existing knowledge and does not have required Pre-Work.


Required Full Stack Java Development (Preferred Knowledge Course) Pre-Work:

Required Materials:

Help Resources for Pre-Work:

Submitting Pre-Work:

Before the required deadline, learners submit their proof of Pre-Work Completion on the:


Pre-Work Deadline

Learners must submit their Pre-Work by the following deadlines:

  • Seat Offer Accepted More than 2 weeks Before Course Start Date: Pre-Work is due no later than two weeks of the start of Onboarding.
  • Seat Offer Accepted Less than 2 weeks Before Course Start Date: Pre-Work is due no later than two days before the course starts.

Although Pre-Work is not due until Onboarding, prospective learners are encouraged to take the initiative and begin these Self-Study materials as soon as possible in the Admissions Process.

Full Stack Java Development Pre-Work Submission Portal



Additional Optional Pre-Work:

Optional Pre-Work Upload

This course is extremely fast-paced and rigorous. If you do not have Programming or Java experience, you should treat the following resources as required Pre-Work. However, we will not be asking for Proof of Completion.


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