Eligibility Documentation Checklist

Documentation Checklist

To be enrolled at Per Scholas, prospective learners must meet All Minimum Eligibility Requirements and provide documented proof of eligibility.

See below for the additional requirements and approved forms of documentation.

Proof of Social Security

  • Social Security Card
  • Federal or State Income Tax W-2
  • Federal or State Income Tax or Earning Statement (SSA-1099)

Proof of Eligibility to Work in the U.S.

  • Employees must provide documentation to their employers to show their identity and authorization to work. To ensure you’re set up for employment opportunities post-training, Per Scholas requires proof of I-9 documents.
  • These document(s) must establish both Identity and Employment Authorization. Jobseekers have two options for proving their employment eligibility:
    • Option A: Upload 1 Document that establishes both Identity and Employment Authorization
    • Option B: Upload 2 Documents – 1 that establishes Identity + 1 that establishes Employment Authorization
  • For further details on accepted documents, please see here

Proof of Age

Must be 18 or older

  • State Driver License, Permit or Non-Driver ID (not expired)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport (not expired)

Proof of Address

Must reside in the U.S. – Cannot be a P.O. Box

  • State Driver’s License, Permit or Non-Driver ID, must have applicant’s current physical address (not expired)
  • Bank Statement
  • Current utility bill with applicant’s name & current address
  • Pay Stub

Proof of Education

Must have a High School Diploma or a G.E.D.

  • Transcripts or Diploma Certificate for any degrees earned
  • Letter from the registrar of your academic institution verifying completion of your degree
  • Combination of documents that form a complete record of your education (must show degree and date earned)

*Foreign credentials require degree evaluation

Proof of Income

  • Last few pay stubs (must show one month of income)
  • Child Support Payments
  • Social Security Disability or Social Security Income printout
  • Unemployment printout
  • Letter of Support template from individual who will be financially supporting the applicant during training (if you have no other income source)
  • Letter of Self-Attestation template (if the applicant has no other income and is capable of financially supporting self)

One Click & Submit!

Be sure to use the same email address from your online application!

Submit documents securely via the Documentation Verification Portal.


For some curriculums, learners must complete Pre-Work to secure a seat in an upcoming cohort. This includes Software Engineer, AWS re/Start, and Cybersecurity. IT Support and Desktop Support courses have optional Pre-Work listed to best support your success in the course. Learn more at perscholas.org/pre-work

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