Per Scholas Graduate and Career Advancement Director featured on American Graduate Day Broadcast

The traditional route to a successful career in America has typically been to earn a high school and college degree before settling into a good job. In today’s 21st century economy, students are finding more unique educational pathways that lead to quality jobs and lasting careers.

On October 14, American Graduate Day celebrated the individuals and organizations that guide and mentor students to graduation and beyond. As part of American Graduate Day, Per Scholas Cincinnati Career Advancement Director, Wayne Ivy, shared in an interview how his mentorship prepares students for employment.

“Don’t let someone else dictate to you how far you can go,” Wayne says. Mentorship is an investment that students can feel. As Career Advancement Director, Wayne mentors by giving students the best career advice and tips on how to demonstrate their skillsets beyond a resume.

To watch Wayne’s interview, click here.

American Graduate Day was broadcast live from Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York City. Troy Pinkney, a Per Scholas graduate, was interviewed by Lauren Wanko to share how his determination combined with the support of Per Scholas staff transformed him from an airport luggage handler to an American Graduate.

To watch Troy’s interview, click here.

Troy pursued his Associate’s degree in business, but his career was not accelerating at the rate he had hoped. He witnessed first hand the success of Per Scholas from his brother who went through training and had opportunities open up for him immediately after graduating. Having no prior experience in technology like his brother, Troy was inspired to pursue a career in IT.

While taking classes at Per Scholas, Troy worked as a luggage handler at JFK International Airport. During the interview he shares that going between work and class was very stressful. On more than one occasion Troy would run to catch the train just to make it on time. Despite the stress, Troy says that Per Scholas’ zero tolerance policy taught him discipline for the work world.

Out of all the parts of the program, Troy says his favorite thing about Per Scholas was his instructor, Vishal. Vishal equipped him with the necessary skills he needed to explain complex tech issues to an end user. Once an individual with no IT experience, Troy is now an associate field technician at Ricoh USA.

Every year, graduates are celebrated at ceremonies across the country. But it is mentors like Wayne and Vishal that American Graduate Day especially aims to recognize. Many students in overlooked communities have the drive and passion to succeed, but not the resources. When they are given the tools and have someone in their corner who believes in them, the open doors of opportunity are endless.

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