Per Scholas Los Angeles Managing Director Patrice Madu Featured in Shoutout LA

Per Scholas Los Angeles Managing Director Patrice Madu was featured in Shoutout LA, in which she described Per Scholas’ mission, and our organization’s impact, both on the individual and societal level. She highlighted the Per Scholas Los Angeles campus, which launched its inaugural cohort in February, 2023, and currently offers courses in AWS re/Start, Cybersecurity, End User Desktop Support, IT Support, and Software Engineering.

“Per Scholas fuels economic and social progress in communities across the country through technology education, access, training, and employer connections for individuals in these communities,” Patrice said. “Our training connects people with jobs that can help them launch careers with personal meaning, opportunities for advancement, and the wages needed to invest in their futures.”

Read Patrice’s full interview here.

Per Scholas is Leading the Way for Cybersecurity Apprenticeships; Featured in Skills-First for Cyber

As cyber risks increase, so does the need for skilled cyber talent. However, a critical talent shortage is leaving organizations scrambling for solutions. Employers and the government are exploring innovative recruitment and training methods to address this gap. One solution is Per Scholas’ new cybersecurity apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. Through this program, we will train 40 apprentices by the end of the year, with a goal of training 5K cyber learners during the next five years.

“Apprenticeships are not internships,” says Alanna Hughes, senior vice president of strategy and innovation for Per Scholas. “Registered apprenticeships do not have to be bureaucratic nightmares just because they are more structured,” she says. “We make it easier on the employer to take advantage of the perks by managing the administrative pieces.”

Read more about the need for cyber talent and our new apprenticeship program here!

Per Scholas in the News: National Cyber Director Encourages Adoption of Skill-Based Hiring to Connect Americans to Good-Paying Cyber Jobs

As a result of more than 500,000 cybersecurity positions currently unfilled across the country, The Biden-Harris Administration and the federal government are overhauling the federal hiring process to become fully skills-based for an entire series of technical employees. By opening the talent pool up to individuals who have gained experience through training programs and apprenticeships, more cyber talent can enter the workforce without needing to meet a college degree requirement. Along with this advancement, the White House Office of the National Cyber Director announced organizations, including Per Scholas, committing to help build the U.S. cybersecurity workforce.

Read the rest of the White House Press Release here!


Unlocking Tech Innovation Through DEI: Insights from TEKsystems and Per Scholas

A recent CIO Dive piece, Unlocking tech innovation through DEI: Insights from TEKsystems and Per Scholas, examines insights from a 2024 TEKsystems DEI report, emphasizing the progress that has been made and the work that still needs to be done. While there has been increasing recognition of DEI’s importance, many IT professionals remain indifferent. This report identifies challenges, particularly in gender diversity and mentorship programs, and acknowledges that 66% of employees recognize that their organization’s DEI policies could be improved. This article further advocates for IT decision-makers to reaffirm the importance of diversity across their organizations and calls for collaboration between company leaders and HR to do so, including investments in diverse talent and establishing robust mentoring programs. 


Read the full article here.


Per Scholas Alumni Featured on CNBC’s ‘Make It’ Series

As part of CNBC Make It’s Ditching the Degree series, Per Scholas Alumna Ayana Dunlap is featured as a woman who built a six-figure career without a bachelor’s degree. She shares with readers how the combination of the skills she built at Per Scholas and her transferable skills led to her transition from hospitality to her current role as the Assistant Vice President of Operations and Information Technology at the Bank Policy Institute. She’s now earning about $125,000 less than 4 years after graduating from Per Scholas, a salary that Dunlap says would have been “unimaginable” at this point in her career, had she stayed in hospitality.

Read the article to learn more about her journey.


Per Scholas Columbus Senior Managing Director Jenn Fowler Howard Pens Op-Ed for The Columbus Dispatch

Per Scholas Columbus Senior Managing Director Jenn Fowler Howard was featured in The Columbus Dispatch for her op-ed centered around embracing diversity in Columbus.

“The heart of Columbus’s tech success story shouldn’t just be about buildings or businesses; we must make room for diversity by empowering individuals from all backgrounds,” Fowler Howard writes. “For me, the future of Columbus’s tech workforce will embody inclusivity and diversity — unlocking hidden potential at every stop, so long as we do the work now to make it happen.”

Read the full op-ed here.

How Shaking Up the Student Loan System Could Benefit Workers and Business Leaders

A recent Forbes article written by Per Scholas’ funding partner Stand Together discusses the challenge of finding qualified job applicants. Stand Together suggests  innovative financing models can bridge the gap between workforce needs and individual aspirations. These models tie tuition to employment outcomes, incentivizing education providers to deliver relevant skills and students to invest time in programs that lead to high earning potential. Per Scholas is specifically highlighted as a successful example of an innovative financing model offering free IT training and career support, helping individuals achieve career goals debt-free.

Read about the innovative education finance models here!


How to Build Sustainable, Diverse Tech Talent Pipelines with TEKsystems in CIO Dive

A recent CIO Dive article highlights Per Scholas and TEKsystems’ years-long partnership as the answer to businesses’ IT talent needs. By turning to nontraditional talent pipelines powered by public-private partnerships, businesses can find diverse talent on the cutting edge that will both shape long-term business growth and diversity in the tech industry. Already through this partnership, 1,000+ Per Scholas graduates have been placed in full-time positions with TEKsystems clients.

Read more about our partnership with TEKsystems and how we are building a diverse tech talent pipeline together here.

Per Scholas President and CEO Plinio Ayala Featured in New York Times with OneTen

Per Scholas CEO Plinio Ayala was recently featured in the New York Times article profiling OneTen’s equity-for-all diversity initiatives. Plinio shared his agreement for eliminating degree-based job requirements and how skills-based hiring and promotion can benefit all workers.

More than 60 percent of all American workers do not have four-year college degrees, so converting to a skills-based hiring system can be valuable to all companies looking for talent.

Read the rest of the article here!

Per Scholas Chief Enterprise Solutions Officer Damien Howard Featured in Triple Pundit Article on AI in 2024

In a recent Triple Pundit article, Per Scholas’ Chief Enterprise Solutions Officer Damien Howard shared his thoughts on how organizations must invest in learning, embracing, and upskilling staff in AI in order to future-proof their operations. “AI can increase efficiency by 30 percent, at minimum, in certain areas,” Howard said. “Companies have an immediate opportunity to become more efficient with less of a financial investment.” AI is not perfect, however, and Damien raises concerns about potential biases in AI systems – highlighting the importance of having diverse teams involved in development and implementation to ensure equitable outcomes.


Read the rest of Damien’s assessment of AI in the workplace here.


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