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Powered by TEKsystems, this course is designed to prepare you for specific job demand employers have in Baltimore. The curriculum will equip you with mastery of fundamental concepts in Networking, Active Directory, ITIL, and more.

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End User Desktop Support Grad

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  • June 3rd, 2024
    Application Due May 20th, 2024
  • Please note, this application process is very competitive and not all applicants will be accepted for our limited slots. Seats are offered on first come, first served basis.

While these courses may include either intermediate or advanced material, technical knowledge specified in these listings will be required as a prerequisite for applicants to be considered for admission.

While anyone may apply for this course, some technical background may be helpful.

Applicants with all levels of experience in tech are encouraged to apply.

Most CISCO Network Essentials certification holders move on to a job in IT support, like a help desk technician. Help desk technicians solve technical issues and work with people.

Most CISCO IT Essentials certification holders move on to a job in IT support, like a help desk technician. Help desk technicians solve technical issues and work with people.

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud and start a career in cloud computing.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) is an IT workforce certification that applies behavioral analytics to networks and devices to prevent, detect and combat cybersecurity threats through continuous security monitoring.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate introduces learners to troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration and security. No prior experience is required.

CompTIA Network+ helps develop a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.

Most CompTIA A+ certification holders move on to a job in IT support, like a help desk technician. Help desk technicians solve technical issues and work with people.

In-person learning takes place at one of our facilities across the US.

Remote learners must live within commutable distance of a Per Scholas campus to best facilitate our professional development and post-training employment support. For individuals who live outside of a commutable distance, you may be eligible for our National training courses.

Hybrid courses allow flexibility for learners to participate in the course remotely or in-person based on several factors. Learn more about the course you're interested in by reaching out to your admissions lead or attending an admissions overview after applying.


Have questions?

We can help with course selection, and answer questions about eligibility requirements and special circumstances. Contact an admissions team member

Tuition-Free End User Desktop Support CompTIA Training

Begin your technology career with live instructor-led, hands-on instruction covering the core concepts and technologies you need to land entry-level tech support roles.

Industry Recognized Certifications at No Cost

Unlock your career potential and showcase your job readiness to employers by earning the CompTIA A+ certification at no cost to you.

Professional Development Opportunities

Our Career Coaches prepare you with the tools to secure a role in the tech sector. Beyond your resume and LinkedIn profile, the curriculum tunes into your Performance Index to develop your professional and leadership strengths.

Career Development from a Tech Industry Leader

This course is designed in partnership with TEKsystems, an industry leader in Technology Talent Services. Their recruiters will be actively involved in your professional development and job search.

Get Access to Amazing Employers

The End User Desktop Support course is in partnership with TEKsystems, so their recruiters will play an active role in your professional development throughout the class. Additionally, TEKsystems is committed to exploring career opportunities upon your graduation and passing of the A+ certification. All certification fees are covered, which means you get certified at no cost to you.

After 13 weeks, you’ll be equipped with the experience to fulfill a wide variety of entry-level positions in the general categories of IT support management and end-user services, such as:

  • Field Technician
  • Desktop Support Technician/Analyst/Admin
  • IT Technician
  • Service Desk
  • Helpdesk Tier (1,2,3)
  • PC Technician
  • Deployment Technician

3X On average, Per Scholas graduates earn three times their pre-training wage

Build your Tech Portfolio and Network

Grow your Tech Career Wherever you are!

Per Scholas will train you whether you are new to tech or a seasoned veteran looking to upskill. Remain competitive as the industry grows.

Zobaria at podium
Within a few months, I changed from a person with the least-desired skills to one of the most sought-after employees. I have become someone my kids can look up to.

Meet Zobaria Ashraf

Build Your IT Professional Network

Regular Professional Development like resume construction & reviews, mock interviews, and "Meet the Employer" sessions will familiarize you with our employer partners, meet with other IT professionals and help prepare you for the job search.

Learn more about our partnership with:

Direct Job Placement Support

Graduates will receive job placement support from the employer partner and identify career opportunities leveraging their new and existing skills. If TEKsystems doesn't work out, Per Scholas staff will continue to provide connections with other employer partners.

Instead of being afraid of the tech world...there's a lot to learn, but I think there's a community of students, professors, and administration. And we all know why we are there.

Meet Fabianna Rodríguez-Mercado

What You'll Learn

Fundamentals of End User Desktop Support

Understand IT infrastructure, installing and troubleshooting operating systems, and fundamentals of networking.

Skills Customized for the Job Market

Get immersed in Active Directory, Image Deployment, ITIL with ServiceNOW, Office 365, and more.

Professional Development

20% of Per Scholas training focuses on communication, collaboration, continuous learning, giving & receiving feedback, and career navigation skills critical to landing that first job or moving up the tech career ladder.


The technical training and career development skills you need

Learner Onboarding


  • Introduction to the Program
  • Succeeding with the Program
  • Digital Citizenship


  • Program and Technology Onboarding
  • Canvas Training
Introduction to Microsoft 365 (User)
  • Introduce Microsoft 365 productivity environment from the user’s point of view
  • Experience using web-based Outlook Mail and Calendar
  • Experience using web-based Word
  • Introduce cloud storage
  • Experience using OneDrive
  • Introduce Microsoft 365 Admin Center
Core 1 PC Hardware (Lessons 1-3)
  • Explain cable types and connectors
  • Install and configure CPU’s, motherboards and system memory
  • Install and configure power supplies and cooling
  • Install storage devices
  • Configure BIOS/UEFI
  • Troubleshoot power and disk issues.
  • Troubleshoot system and display issues
Core 1 Network Hardware and Services (Lessons 4-7)
  • Compare network topology types (Star, Ring, Mesh, etc.)
  • Install networking hardware and associated media
  • Utilize TCP/IP concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of protocols and ports
  • Explain Windows services  
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity
  • Summarize client-side virtualization
  • Summarize cloud concepts
Core 1 Mobile and printer hardware (Lessons 8-9)
  • Configure mobile device settings and attached peripherals
  • Configure mobile device apps
  • Troubleshoot mobile device issues
  • Install and configure laptop hardware
  • Deploy printer and multifunction devices
  • Install print device consumables
  • Troubleshoot print device issues
Core 2 Operating System Support (Lessons 10-15)
  • Perform OS installations and in-line upgrades
  • Configure Windows system and user settings
  • Utilize the management console 
  • Utilize the Windows command line
  • Troubleshoot Windows OS problems
  • Configure Windows networking and security features
  • Manage Windows network shares
  • Identify features of Linux
  • Identify features of macOS
Core 2 Security (Lessons 16-18)
  • Explain ‘attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities’.
  • Compare wireless security protocols
  • Configure SOHO router security
  • Implement enterprise security with network hardware and software
  • Configure workstation security
  • Configure browser security
  • Troubleshoot workstation security issues
Core 2 Operational Procedures (Lessons 19-20)
  • Utilize remote access technologies
  • Implement backup and recovery procedures
  • Implement data handling best practices
  • Demonstrate scripting with Powershell
  • Implement best practice documentation for organization
  • Use standard safety and environmental procedures
A+ Certification review 1101 & 1102
  • Test preparation
  • Voucher Eligibility 
  • Official Cert. Exam for 1101 & 1102
ITSM and ServiceNow
  • Gain knowledge of the key terms and concepts of IT Service Management
  • Define roles, processes, and components of IT Service Management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of core ITS  processes and frameworks to support ITSM
  • Produce real-world ITSM scenarios and service desk platforms (i.e., ServiceNow, etc.)
Networking Reinforcement
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Cisco CLI
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the OSI Reference Model
  • Explain DNS and DHCP in-depth
Introduction to Active Directory
  • Intro to Cloud
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Azure Active Directory Services
  • Explain Active Directory terminology.
  • Utilize Active Directory for essential domain management
  • Azure Active Directory Services
Professional Development and Graduation
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Resume Development 
  • LinkedIn Profile 
  • Habits of Success
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Communications 
  • IT and Interpersonal Skills


The technical training and career development skills you need


More Than a Technical Training

Learn How to Think Like An IT Professional

Prepare to handle real workplace demands by challenging your understanding of course material and scenario problem solving.

Participate in Hands-on Labs

To provide an innovative, hands-on learning experience, Per Scholas provides learners with a tech kit based on their training track and delivery model, whether in person or remote. These kits are designed to enhance the learning experience and will be utilized in labs throughout the course.

Professional Development

One on one Professional Development sessions led by a dedicated Per Scholas career coach will focus on communication, collaboration, continuous learning, giving & receiving feedback, career navigation, job search prep like mock interviews and resume reviews, and other skills critical to landing that first job or moving up the tech career ladder.

Meet Our Graduates

When you are interviewing a Per Scholas graduate, you already have someone who is committed and prepared for the work world and responsible for their time and availability.

Meet David Jarvis

How to Be Considered

Meet the Learner Profile Requirements

You may qualify to become a Per Scholas Learner if you:

  • Are aged 18 or older
  • Have a High School diploma, equivalent, or higher
  • Are authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Live within commutable distance of the advertised Per Scholas Site
  • Can read, write and speak in English
  • Can attend classes full-time for the entire duration of the course
  • Are able to start a full-time job after course completion
  • Are ready to make an important commitment to building your future
  • Meet the pre-training income policy guidelines

*Women, unemployed, underemployed and U.S. Veterans strongly encouraged to apply

Complete the Multi-Step Admissions Process

1. Submit an Online Application

2. Admissions Overview: Once you submit an application, our Admissions team will review to ensure it meets the basic requirements and invite you to attend an Admissions Overview.

3. Assessments: After watching this 5-minute video, you will be required to pass a comprehension assessment based on the teachings from the video.

4. Interview: Individuals who meet the assessment score requirements will be invited to attend a behavioral interview.

5. Offer Letter and Onboarding: The Admissions team will review assessment scores and interview results and offer seats to eligible candidates. The learner onboarding process mirrors Employment Onboarding.

Please note, this application process is very competitive and not all applicants will be accepted for our limited slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs can I get after completing this training?

A wide variety: everything from working in an office supporting other computer users to helping manage a global corporate network or becoming a field technician installing and servicing remote locations including remote and in-person roles.

They all fall into the general categories of IT support management and end-user services.

IT support involves keeping computer systems running smoothly and securely at all times.

End-user support means helping other people—whether customers or employees—use computer systems and software effectively.

Starting salaries vary greatly, but the average is about $35,000 per year.

Other possible positions include: Imaging Technician, Imaging Clerk, IS Support Analyst, IT Analyst, AV Technician, IT Asset Specialist, Application Support Technician, IT Support Specialist, End-User Computing Technician, Data Support Technician, and Associate Network Engineer

How can the course be free? Are there hidden fees?

Most people who learn about us think: “Too good to be true.” We know it seems that way, but it’s true. Our services are provided at no cost to you, using funds we raise from foundations, corporations, government and generous individuals.

The costs you can prepare for include transportation or childcare—expenses that take care of you so you can focus on your studies.

Who is CompTIA?

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is an association that represents the international technology community. We have partnered with its Creating IT Futures Foundation to create the IT-Ready Network and open new training sites around the country.

The instruction we provide prepares you for the testing services offered by CompTIA. A CompTIA certificate gives employers proof that you have mastered a particular set of IT skills.

What if I don’t have a Laptop? What are the computer requirements?

Computer requirements are determined by each specific curriculum track. During the onboarding process, we will review each learner’s needs on a case-by-case basis. If you have any concerns about your situation, please elevate to the admissions team during the admissions process.

What professional certifications can I earn?

You will prepare to earn the CompTIA A+ certification. As a Per Scholas graduate, you may have access to advanced certifications as well like the Security+ certification and others.

Is there a learner pre-training income policy?

Yes, Per Scholas learners must meet the pre-training income policy requirements. View our Learner Pre-Training Income Policy here.

I receive unemployment insurance benefits or other benefits that require me to spend time working or looking for work. Can I still enroll?

Depending on the campus and course, Per Scholas training is approved for people receiving unemployment, as well as other benefits that would ordinarily require them to spend time working or looking for work. If you have questions or concerns about your situation, please contact admissions.

I meet other requirements, but I am not a U.S. citizen and haven’t received my work authorization yet. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot process your application until you have received clearance to work in the U.S. However, if you are experiencing problems, we may be able to refer you to other organizations that may be able to help.

I have a disability. Can you accommodate me?

We comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other relevant laws and regulations. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your specific situation and needs.

Does Per Scholas have a Non-Discrimination policy?

We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin. See our full EEO statement here.

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