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Per Scholas provides upskilling opportunities and connections to jobs to learners and alumni seeking opportunities in technology.

What is Per Scholas?

Per Scholas is a national non-profit providing tuition-free tech career training and connections to jobs. Thanks to our donors and corporate partners, courses are always offered at no charge to our learners -no cost, no catch.


Our Training

  • Tuition-Free Training

    Receive hands-on learning and mentorship to prepare for the job, industry-recognized certifications (paid for by us), and your career.

  • Learner Support

    Learners work with the Learner Support team to gain financial control and design success plans for personal goals, wellness and more.

  • Dedicated Career Coaches

    20% of our curriculum focuses on Professional Development with opportunities for mock interviews, resume refreshes, and other Job Search prep support with opportunities for one-on-one coaching now and after you graduate.

  • Job Connections

    Learners are connected to a network of 20k+ alumni and 850+ employer partners nationwide.



Ready to Apply?

Unlock your potential and achieve a thriving tech career through our tuition-free tech training and certifications, professional development, and employer job connections.

Apply today by completing this eligibility form. Upon completion, you’ll receive the next step in the admissions process.

Most Common Questions About Per Scholas

What does Per Scholas cost?

Per Scholas courses are 100% cost-free to the learner. There are no fees before, during, or after. We cover tuition, materials, and the cost of certifications when applicable. However, since our training is full-time, and requires strict attendance and a commitment to studying, there is an opportunity cost – time, transportation (when in-person), meals, and in some cases, professional business attire.

Is there a learner pre-training income policy?

Yes, Per Scholas learners must meet the pre-training income policy requirements. View our Learner Pre-Training Income Policy here.

What is the attendance policy?

Per Scholas requires a Monday through Friday full time (typically 9 am-5 pm) commitment. On average, you can expect a commitment of 30-40 hours in-class and 20 hours (3 hours a day) out of class studying.

If I don't live close to a Per Scholas location, can I still join a course offered by that campus?

No. For classes tied to a physical Per Scholas campus, we require candidates to live within a commutable distance to best facilitate our professional development and support in helping you secure full time employment. We do have National Remote training courses open to applicants from any US city; however, these are based on employer demand so start dates and requirements may not be consistent throughout the year.

What are the Learner Requirements?

In general, learners must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have HS diploma/equivalent or higher
  • Have a Passion for technology
  • Have US Work Authorization
  • Be able and committed to launching their career immediately following training
  • Have the ability commit to full time training (40 hours per week) + Study Time (20+ hours per week)

See specific requirements by class on the individual course pages.

What is the Admissions Process?

Admissions Process

Our admissions process varies by campus and course but here is what you can generally expect. After you complete an application, you’ll learn about the admissions process for your specified course and campus. For instance, some courses require a technical assessment and certain campuses require a background check.

Are there Online courses?

Yes. We do have classes that are online/remote. Whether remote or in-person all of our classes are live and instructor-led with strict attendance policies. The individual course pages will tell you if the course is delivered in person or remotely. Additionally, for classes tied to a physical Per Scholas campus, we require candidates to live within a commutable distance to best facilitate our professional development and support in helping you secure FT employment.

Does Per Scholas pay me?

Per Scholas provides small financial assistance stipends to learners in specific courses or based on individual learner need on a limited basis. We do not pay learners a full hourly or annual salary. This is because we offer up to $15k of cost-free training to each learner and 2 years of additional training opportunities, coaching, and professional development.

Are there weekend or evening options for new Learners?

Since our training is live, instructor-led courses we have a strict Monday-Friday full-time schedule during daytime hours. At this time we do not have weekend or evening classes available. Some people are able to coordinate with current employers for more flexible scheduling with night/weekend shifts but we know it isn’t possible for everyone.

What if I don’t have a Laptop?

During the admissions process, we will assess each candidate’s needs on a case-by-case basis. For remote learners that do not have sufficient tech access, we do have limited supplies of loaner equipment.

Does Per Scholas help me land a job?

The goal of all of our training is to help you secure/obtain employment and take the next step in your tech career. We work with you throughout the training on technical skills and professional development. Once you complete your course, we will help connect you with opportunities at employer partners and provide ongoing career coaching. While 80% of our grads land jobs after the training, we do not guarantee a job.

Can I take a course if I have already completed another one?

If you want to take another Per Scholas course, we ask that you wait at least a year after graduation to apply. This will allow you to gain some real world experience!

What Alumni Say

Per Scholas Graduate
Per Scholas' training was the challenge that, at the end of the day, got me closer to my dreams.

Meet Omari Brown

Jennifer Rosas, Per Scholas Graduate headshot for tech training
Per Scholas is a great program. You come out either certified or with all the knowledge you could have possibly accrued. You have the foundation to be able to succeed. It works for everybody - it’s not something where you need to have a certain skill set before applying.

Meet Jennifer Rosas

Christopher Rivera, Per Scholas Graduate headshot
After Per Scholas, I was suddenly getting interviews because Per Scholas is well-known and reputable. It has been night and day in terms of the difference between before and after Per Scholas.

Meet Christopher

Per Scholas Graduate, Tara Jacobs, headshot
I was able to build on my mindset, my character, and my technical skills. I am grateful for Per Scholas in many ways.

Meet Tara

Per Scholas Graduate Headshot
I don’t know any other course that does this; we were introduced into the world of IT with a network already in place.

Meet Rachael

Monique Little
If someone had told me that this was where I would be now, I would never have believed them. I have a completely different outlook on life. My future is something that I never thought it could be.

Meet Monique

As a single parent, I wasn’t making enough money to afford to go to a coding boot camp. When I found Per Scholas, it challenged me, and though it wasn’t easy, it was worth it. I graduated debt-free and could be an example to my daughter.

Meet Shante Austin

Rachel Powe, Per Scholas Graduate, Headhshot
During my training at Per Scholas there was a ton of support, especially from the other women and other non-traditional learners that also had the same thoughts I had. They told me it’s not too late to go into doing what you really want to do.

Meet Rachel Powe

Per Scholas graduate headshot of woman graduate
Per Scholas really set the pace; it was so rigorous and fast-paced that I can go right into this job and keep up.

Meet Stephanie Stevenson

Per Scholas helped me to discover both a career path and how to have a work-life balance so that I could spend time with my loved ones.

Meet Matt Yamarino

Per Scholas Graduate, Andre Yates, who is now a software developer
As I was applying and going through interviews, there was a gap between where my college education brought me and where companies expected me to know things about the technology industry. Per Scholas taught me so much that I wasn’t able to learn in school.

Meet Andre Yates

Per Scholas Graduate Headshot for Sara Pena
You can teach someone how to code, but you cannot teach passion or drive, and that is what my Per Scholas colleagues and I have.

Meet Sara Peña

Haaji Peace Headshot
Considering candidates like me who trained through alternative routes motivates me to work hard and gain experience on the job. Graduates like me want to grow in our careers.

Meet Haaji Peace

Per Scholas Graduate Jarred Gaines has a headshot for our website.
Per Scholas gave me a restart in life and it allowed me to rebuild that confidence and enter a field where I can make a competitive income to sustain myself in Boston.

Meet Jarred Gaines

Sadaf Haroon, Per Scholas Graduate Headshot
Per Scholas made it easier for me to learn and now I am an earning member of my family. What can be greater than that?

Meet Sadaf Haroon

Autumn Truong, Per Scholas graduate, in a sweater and professional attire.
I learned a lot of things, and I feel like I was able to grow, not just professionally, but as a person.

Meet Autumn Truong


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